Well from our 4th birthday (Happy Birthday to us!) to the 50th birthday of one of Australia’s favourite producers of some seriously fantastic rum – Brian Retsall of Lord Byron.

Yep, Brian turns 50 this month and to celebrate such a milestone, what do you think a rum maker does? You probably guessed it; he releases a rum to celebrate! We’re happy to be offering the Lord Byron Birthday Special exclusively to our members.

The Lord Byron “Brian’s 50th Birthday Bottling” is a pure single rum from Byron Bay. A mix of 3 and 4 year old ex-bourbon and ex-red wine cask maturation has given this rum big fruity notes from the wine casks that sit perfectly with the creamy vanillin’s from the American oak influence. Presented at 43% abv, it’s the first of a new direction from Lord Byron.

Now 50 years old is a milestone birthday in anyone’s language – and if you happen to make one of Australia’s finest rums, there’s really only one way to celebrate – a special 50th Birthday Bottle. And this is what we have here – exclusive to the Rum Tribe from Byron Bay. Chocked full of NSW Northern Rivers goodness – 100% sustainably produced with renewable energy, zero waste, good vibes and super-happy cows.

Yes – happy cows! You see, all water used in the fermentation and production of Lord Byron Distillery spirits comes from their own dairy farm off in the Hills outside Byron Bay. So nearly every day, the farm truck transports tanks of water from the farm to the distillery, and every day it takes a load of dunder (the spent left-overs after the wash is distilled) from the distillery to the farm. This stuff is like candy to cows and as such, the Retsall family cows are amongst the happiest anywhere!

Up until now, Lord Byron has only released single cask rums at cask strength. This 50th Birthday rum marks a new chapter at Lord Byron in that this is the first rum they have produced that is a blend of barrel types… AND… is presented at lower-than cask strength. It’s two firsts in one bottle and we’re proud to launch it as our Rum of the Month.

a LIMITED EDITION ‘Navy Proof’, 100% Caribbean rum to celebrate the Coronation of the King of England

Our Tasting Notes:

Nose: A lovely combination of creaming soda and liquorice allsorts with a citrusy twist and crispy granny smith apple note in the background

Palate: Such a cornucopia of flavours here – firstly a lovely creamy mouth feel, and a mild ginger spice from those French oak red-wine casks. But then there’s an explosion of stewed fruit and Christmas spices. (Christmas in July maybe?) all drizzled with gooey caramel and vanilla cream.

Finish: It’s light – but it’s also long and constantly evolving and…wow it’s long! I get a lovely lasting wash of vanilla, some very light funky sweet fruit salad notes, liquorice, and espresso (with just a slice of lemon…it’s lovely I made it myself…you should try it! – my apologies to the Beverly Hills Cop Franchise)

Wow – I wish someone made ME a rum this good for MY 50th birthday. At 43% abv this is eminently quaffable neat without doing tooo much damage (well… you know…). HOWEVER, make no mistake – this is big and really interesting in the flavour stakes. Very ‘analysable’ for the rum geeks – but slides right into your favourite mixers with zero fuss or bother at all. This rum is so easy to get along with.

  • PRICE : $99

  • ABV : 43%

  • BOTTLE: 700ml

  • REGION: Australia (NSW)

  • No Added Sugar / No Added Colour


Matured for 3 to 4 years in cask, decanted and then blended together.

This is a premium sipping rum that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as the base for your favourite mixer drink or cocktail.

Nose: Brown sugar and caramel tones.

Palate: Pepper & honey up front, followed by toasted crème Brulé delivering a long, lingering smooth finish.


The earliest record of the Restall family in Byron Shire dates back to 1897 when Jack Restall was the local butcher in Billinudgel. Although this fact wasn’t discovered by Brian and Helen Restall until recently, it explains why they have always had a deep sense of affinity with the area and to traditional trade and craftsmanship.

For several years, Brian was the CEO of Cape Byron Power, a local Northern Rivers’ 100% renewable electricity generator located adjacent to the local farmer owned sugar mills at Condong and Broadwater. It was within this role, Brian came to realise that almost all of the food-grade molasses, created by the local sugar mills, was used for cattle feed. Given the sub-tropical environment of the Northern Rivers region, Brian and Helen felt that there was clearly a higher and better use for a small part of this local molasses.  

Brian and Helen have travelled extensively and worked around the world. Brian loves dark spirits and Helen is passionate about light spirits. Together they strive to create a small-batch, handcrafted range of spirits that aims to deliver a superior tasting experience. They are members of the Australian Distilling Association and have been trained and mentored by Bill Lark’s team in Tasmania – Bill, being the first person in 153 years to get a micro-distilling license, and is affectionately known as the “Godfather” of the craft distilling market in Australia.