Types of Rum

types of rum

Lets have a look at all of the different descriptions used of rum.

White Rum

As the name suggests, a clear spirit. Apart from that – there is no limits to what a white rum can actually be – so it may be a pot still or column distilled rum, it may be unnamed or it may be aged and then charcoal filtered to remove the colour form the barrel. So really, this term on it’s own is only good for describing a rums appearance.

White Rum

Gold rum

Gold Rum

Another ‘loose term’ like ‘white rum. But generally, slightly more complex than white rums due to short period of aging in oak barrels.

Dark Rum

Aged for longer periods of time, with darker, fuller flavour profiles.

dark rum
Demerara Rum

Demerera Rum

While many rums are made from sugar cane grown in Brazil, Demerera is made from cane grown in Guyana, Slow fermentation of the beer combined with long ageing give a rich, dark flavor profile similar to Jamaican rum; distilled using old stills, thought to be indicative of how rum used to taste.


Made with sugar cane juice instead of molasses, so terroir (i.e. where the sugar cane was grown) is an important factor; can be white, gold, dark, etc., with flavors that incorporate vegetal notes into the complex rum backdrop.

Rum Agricole
Navy Rum


Refers to any rum that’s higher alcohol (50 to 60% and above).