Did you know that there is a ‘Cathedral of Rum’?

The Bacardi Rum Distillery in Cataño, Puerto Rico, is known as the “Cathedral of Rum.”

Visitors to the factory — said to be the largest premium rum distillery in the world — can choose between a historical tour, a rum tasting tour, or a mixology class, each of which provides an overview of the company’s process and history.

You can also ‘Bottle your own Bacardi’ at the Distillery. Yes…A special hands-on experience, you can hand fill your own bottle directly from the barrel on site where the exclusive rums are crafted.

Casa Bacardi (the factory’s formal name) also features the signature drink “Cuba Libre,” or rum and Coke mixed with lime. Bacardi claims the drink was invented by American soldiers in Cuba during the Spanish-American war. Bacardi itself was founded in 1862, when Don Facundo Bacardí Massó purchased a distillery in Santiago de Cuba. Bacardi’s lighter rum mixtures were a hit, and the company flourished even as it was forced to relocate. Today Bacardi is a liquor giant owning more than 200 brands, including Grey Goose vodka and Bombay Sapphire gin.

Sounds like a fun trip!