Are you ready for one of the greatest competitions ever undertaken?

You can WIN a 10L custom made barrel of Australian Rum! How good would this look on your bar!

This is a prize that money cannot buy…Check out the PRIZE below and how to enter.

The Barrel

  • 10 Litre Custom Made Barrel
  • Made from a 200L ex Seppeltsfield Port Barrel, re-sized into 10L
  • Custom etched with the Rum Tribe logo
  • Made by Head Cooper from Seppeltsfield Wines, Andrew Young
  • Currently being seasoned with Seppeltsfield Port prior to being filled

The Spirit

  • 10 Litre of new make spirit from Cavu Distilling on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Still type: Stillsmith 6000L wash still and 2500L spirit still
  • Distillation technique: Double distilled, 5 hrs wash and 6 hrs spirit, hearts cut from 76% to 59% ABV
  • Fermentation time: 6 days and 4 days on lees, all wild, inc dunder and muck
  • Type of cane used: organic molasses
  • The unique design of the copper pot still with an additional basket allowing more introduction of flavour, also the practice of pre-soaking their ex-bourbon barrels in sherry prior to filling. 
  • With the use of Dunder and Muck and a long fermentation time, we can guarantee this will be the closest thing to a funky Jamaican rum yet made in Queensland, also a first in Australia. 

Getting your Rum on!

  • We will send the lucky winner both the barrel and the new make spirit
  • The Tribe will guide you through decanting the port seasoning and filling the new make spirit
  • We will also provide any support and advice on your rum from aging, to testing etc
  • We estimate the aging time to be somewhere between 1-2 years (small barrels age faster) depending on your taste and where are located but age it as long as you want…It’s your RUM!

Sounds awesome! How do I enter?

  • The PRIZE will be drawn LIVE on Facebook on February 11, 2022
  • The winner needs to have an ACTIVE Rum Tribe membership at the time of the draw
  • To enter, a member must refer another customer to the Rum Tribe using the Rum Tribe Referral System
  • The referred customer must purchase at least one Monthly Rum Release (either December 2021, January 2022 or February 2022)
  • PLUS the member and the referred customer still get $10 off your rum purchases so it is a win win!
  • Each valid referred customer is 1 entry and Members can have as multiple valid entries

Other Terms and Conditions

  • We would love to get some photos of the winner filling the barrel, testing and of course drinking the rum
  • Giveaway will be run in compliance with Victorian Trade Promotion requirements
  • The decision of the winner is final

Questions, Issues? We are always here to help!